About The Elephant

The emotion of a panorama that leaves you speechless, of a warm and polite welcome, of a dish that is perfect in its execution and in the quality of its ingredients.

Three floors: Enotek, Bistrò, Gold in an enchanting location, a stone’s throw from the beach between the Rocca di Manerba and Sirmione.

The Elephant Enotek: a floor for tasting the best Italian wines and selected brands of champagne, in the relaxed and regenerating atmosphere of Garda, our lake.

The Elephant Bistrò: a floor for breakfast, lunch and delicious dinners, the ideal choice for those who want to enjoy a carefree holiday without giving up the pleasures of the table.

The Elephant Gold: a floor for a journey through the best dishes of the Italian cuisine, interpreted in its purity and sincerity, in an intimate and refined setting.

Our offer is completed by The Elephant Take Away, the take-away service to enjoy, in the comfort of your own home, the delights of our Bistrò.

The elephant is a symbol of protection and prosperity and was chosen because this enchanting place will ensure that you are well catered for and enjoy an unrivalled experience.

Welcome to The Elephant!

Our Team

Peter Eisendle

Director of The Elephant

“My decades of experience in the national and international catering sector speak for me.
I am driven by a deep, inexhaustible passion for food and wine excellence, which is transformed into scrupulous and constant research.
Sommelier by vocation and study, I believe in the priceless value of professionalism, hospitality and attention to detail.
The Elephant is the perfect reflection of this research and of the vision, shared with my staff, that the customer must be our main priority. The most gratifying achievement is when the customer returns.”

Luca Caiazza

Chef of The Elephant

“I made my first contacts with the culinary arts at an early age when I spent my afternoons cooking with Grandma Maria at home. I have cultivated my passion in Italy and abroad, and experienced many gastronomic cultures, which have allowed me to express myself with freedom and confidence, receiving the trust of people who have allowed themselves to be guided by my vision, giving me their “keys to the kitchen” “.

Davide Rovagnati

Maître of The Elephant

“My passion has distant roots.
My grandmother’s hands, intent on cooking, inspired me very early on. Watching her prepare delicacies and choosing to study hotel management was a natural step. Then the first experiences in the restaurant industry, also abroad, until I arrived as Chef de Rang at the Grand Hotel of Villa Feltrinelli – Gargnano and at the three Michelin Star Restaurant Core by Clare Smyth in the most glamourous area of London, Notting Hill.
Now my new challenge is The Elephant as dining room manager and it will be my responsibility to ensure that everything is impeccable, from the mise en place to greeting customers, from the coordination of the service to the attention given to the customers guaranteeing them a unique and unforgettable experience.”